Friday, February 17, 2017

Meaning of beef lean meat

The leanest ground beef commonly available – 95 percent ground beef - has only 4.9 grams 0f fat per ounce cooked serving and contains 5 percent fat by weight.

Beef labeled ’75 percent lean’ is 25 percent fats by weight – which is a lot of fat. If no ready-made 95 percent lean ground beef select a lean piece of top round and have the butcher trim off the visible fat and grind the remaining meat. Ground beef made this way is about 95-percent lean.

‘Lean’ has a specific meaning when used in food labeling in the United States. The term ‘lean’ means that meat, poultry or seafood contains less than 10 g of total fat, 4.5 g or less of saturated fat, and less than 95 mg of cholesterol per serving (usually 3 oz),and per 100 g (about 3.5 oz).

Producers of beef and other meats have responded to consumer’s concerns about fat and cholesterol by raising leaner animals, trimming more outer fat from retail cuts of meat, and producing lower-fat ground and processed meat products.

To be tender lean cuts should either be pan-fried or roasted briefly, just until medium-rare so they do not dry out, or else braised for a long time.
Meaning of beef lean meat
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