Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sirloin cut of beef

The degree of tenderness of a particular cut of beef depends on what part of the animal it comes from. The meat along the backbone of the ribs and loin or short loin is the most tender.

The sirloin is the upper hip of the carcass. It is located between the short loin and the round primal on the beef carcass.

Sirloin is divided into two major sections: top sirloin and bottom sirloin. Top sirloin contains the top sirloin and top sirloin cap; and bottom sirloin contains the flap, tri-tip and ball tip.

When it comes to value, sirloin steak is the most popular steak sold at retail. It is relatively cheap, with little waste, and can be cooked by dry heat methods such as grilling, broiling, and pan-broiling.

The steaks cut from the tri-tip end of the bottom sirloin, called culotte, or tri-tip, steaks are quite tasty when season with spice rub and grilled.
Sirloin cut of beef
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