Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fattening cattle

Cattle fattening has gained prominence as an important business project of the livestock industry nowadays.

Fattening cattle prior to slaughter increase the dressing percentage and improves the quality of beef. Thus, the value of the animal is increased.

In some countries, feedlot cattle are fed with harvested crops (mostly grains) so as to put them in good finish.
Feedlot fattening involves the provision of an artificial environment wherein cattle are placed in a confined are to consume a predetermined diet. It is a intensive fattening operation based model where cattle are penned in groups of varying sizes for fattening.

Profit comes from the growth of the animals, efficiency of liveweight gain, and improved carcass value relative to the cost of feed and other inputs. Fattening cattle in feedlot requires simple care and management.
Fattening cattle
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