Friday, June 9, 2017

Fertilizer from cow manure

Most manure applied to corn comes from dairy operations. Manure from cattle feedlot operations is drier and less costly to transport, and is therefore often removed from the farm and shipped to other operations.

Cow manure is typically used as a compost or soil improver, to return nitrogen and carbon to pastures and soils. Use of cow manure only to fertilize grasses is common practice in most dairying areas with most farmers not even aware of the economic gains through using inorganic fertilizers.
Large livestock operations are increasingly required to have nutrient management plans, which require balancing nutrient applications with the nutrient utilization of crops.

Gardeners have used cow manure for centuries and this has led to the belief that it is a good fertilizer as well as a soil amendment. The average nutrient content of cattle manure is N: 0.6%, P: 0.3%, and full range of trace elements.
Fertilizer from cow manure
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