Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cut of meat: brisket

The brisket, a large, flat, fatty cut of meat is the front portion of the beef breast that lies between the front legs and takes well to smoking, braising or poaching.

It was long a favorite of peasant cooks because it was considered rather undesirable and was therefore inexpensive.
Brisket is usually sold boneless and is very easy to carve, providing nice uniform slices. It is hard to beat for flavor and texture.

The brisket can purchased whole (10 to 15 pounds), or as the brisket first cut (the leaner portion is often called the flat), or as brisket front cut.

Brisket is the cut of choice Texas slow-smoked pit-cooked barbecue and is also the best cut for corned beef.
Cut of meat: brisket
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