Saturday, September 3, 2016

Angus cattle

Angus cattle originated in the latter part of the eighteenth century in north-eastern Scotland from the native polled black cattle of that era.

Angus is one of the cattle breed raised for beef. Other includes Shorthorn or Durham, Herefford and Brahman breeds. The principle characteristics of Angus cattle or Aberdeen Angus cattle are:
*Black, smooth hair coat
*Generally alert and vigorous
*Produce well-marbled beef

Angus breed of cattle
Angus cattle possibly is the only breed in the world that was developed exclusively for beef from its beginning. They are distinguished from other breeds by their black color, comparatively smooth coats of hair, and polled heads.

These cattle are good rustlers and are available to adapt themselves rapidly to the varied climatic and grazing conditions throughout the country. Angus cattle appear to have propensity for marbling. Many packers will pay a premium for Angus-bred cattle.
Angus cattle

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